Skills Link Training - Code of Practice

As a Community College we will:

  • Observe the principles and good practices of adult education,
  • Observe the principles of best practice in relation to equity and access in relation to adult education,
  • Seek to satisfy our clients’ learning needs,
  • Seek to provide continuous learning opportunities based on the identified needs of the community and monitor and evaluate the implementation of programs,
  • Seek continuously to improve our performance, in all aspects of our work,
  • Consult with interested stakeholders in order to improve the quality and range of our services,
  • Consult with the community and seek to respond to its learning needs and expectations,
  • Act ethically, honestly, fairly and openly at all times,
  • Ensure access and equity in all our dealings with students and staff,
  • Reject discrimination in all its forms,
  • Provide equal employment opportunities and professional development opportunities for our staff,
  • Develop a code of conduct which informs employees of the standards expected in their performance and behaviour,
  • The code of conduct will cover employee absence WH&S, discrimination, misconduct, disciplinary action, job performance, annual leave arrangements and grievance procedures,
  • Adhere to truth in our advertising and the promotion of our services,
  • Maintain sound financial management, and
  • Comply with all the legislative and regulatory obligations under which we operate.